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As with most domestic appliances, AGA Cookers require routine servicing and maintenance to ensure they continue to work safely and efficiently. It is recommended that Oil fired AGA's are serviced at least every six months.
It has been widely reported that many AGA's are experiencing shorter servicing intervals with carbon build-up usually the cause of your appliance losing temperature.  The reason for this is due principally to a change in EU Directives relating to sulphur reduction in the fuel required to help prevent pollution of the environment.  Whilst low sulphur itself is not the cause of the problem with vapourising burners it is the process used to remove the sulphur which affects the char value (amount of carbon produced when oil is combusting).  The only practical solution to this problem is by servcing the appliance at shorter intervals although it is reported that fuel additives has improved the reliability of appliances.  This can be discussed when the Engineer is on site
John Cooper and Sons - many AGA owners in the local area have been using the services of John Cooper, one of the largest AGA service and repair concerns in Essex.  We have received many calls from customers of John Cooper who have been advised that they are now closed due to unforeseen circumstances.  We understand that the Company went into Administration in early January 2016.  If we can be of help to any John Cooper customers then please call us but please bear in mind that the loss of one of the largest AGA maintenance concerns in the area will result in other local AGA service and repair firms experiencing higher demand than usual.

Customers are requested to turn the AGA off the day before the service is carried out as it is unsafe to work on an AGA or re-light it when it is hot.

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